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Not all Muslims are terrorists, 100’s of millions of Muslims are peaceful , follow the law of the land they live in , and serve their home country in a myriad of beneficial ways. Ok, now that we have the obvious out of the way, can we focus on the 100’s of millions of Muslims who aren’t these people? You know, the Muslims that want to kill us, and other Muslims for being the wrong type of Muslim apparently, instead of hearing yet again that Muslims are peaceful? Yes, many of them are, in fact, peaceful productive members of society…we’re not talking about those Muslims. In fact, those Muslims are pissed off as much as we are at what is going on in the name of their religion. I know I keep saying, can we stop saying what I’m saying but I’m doing it to drive home a point. We need to talk about the Muslims that are trying to kill all of us, but can never get past the platitudes and pronouncements about how Muslims are peaceful.

Political Correctness paralyzes us as a culture and as nations while the bad guys thrive and expand. Jihadis blow up Brussels , and MSNBC says this is a result of lax gun control laws. Our own leaders refuse to call this Islamic Terrorism, or even utter any phrase similar to that for fear of offending Muslims. I’m going to go out on a limb here and conclude that many millions of them are quite offended right now, who cares if we call them what they call themselves? Proposals are made by various politicians to temporarily halt immigration from Muslim countries until we can be assured that the bad apples will be found before they spoil the bunch. But we can’t even do that, the female that shot up San Bernandino with her husband passed a background check which didn’t include checking social media because it was deemed politically incorrect to do so. We can’t even trust our system to protect us from a routine visa check on one person, how can we trust it to accurately process tens of thousands of refugees? This and many more denials of reality are brought to us by Political Correctness.

Immigrants are the backbone of this country, we built this nation because of our immigrants. Once again, a true statement and frankly not debatable. It’s also a much used statement by immigration activists to blur the meaning of the word immigrant. They say, we are a nation of immigrants, how can we deny this opportunity to immigrants now? They claim it is racism that drives this “anti-immigrant” rhetoric, that immigrants are targeted unfairly because they are brown skinned. What they purposefully omit from their rhetoric is that these people are here in violation of our laws. By playing Orwellian games with the language they have omitted the word Illegal from the term used for people here….Illegally. Now, they can frame their opponents as xenophobic, racist, anti-American, etc etc. When, back in reality, no one except extreme whackos on both sides are against immigration to this country. We all know, our ancestors came from somewhere to live here, we get it. We’re not talking about people that come here legally, we are discussing people that have come here illegally, overstayed their visa, etc. Political Correctness prevents us from having this honest conversation about a very real problem in our country.

The Wall is not Trump’s idea, far from it. It was approved by Congress in 2006 and signed by the president. Congress never agreed to fund it, which in DC speak is considered a good day. Many things need to be done to solve this illegal immigration crisis we face, but we can’t even have a national conversation about it because you are shouted down as a racist or some other nefarious being. Will a wall stop all illegal crossings? Nope. Will it stop vast majorities of illegal crossings? Yup. Will it alone solve the problem with illegal aliens in our country? Nope. There are other factors involved, such as the millions of people that come here legally on a visa, then overstay it and disappear into society. Other countries, New Zealand for instance, keep track of people visiting their country on a visa. When the time is up they come and tell you it’s time to leave. If you haven’t left in a few days, they strongly persuade you to leave by helping you get to the airport to catch your flight. Solving that issue will also help solve the illegal alien problem in our country. There are a few other rational solutions to the problem. But until you stop the flow northward, the other problems can’t be solved. Hopefully Trump won’t be the nominee, but that wall/fence has to be built and the flood abated before any meaningful solutions can be put in place. Calling this “immigration” is Orwellian, and needs to stop. Political Correctness needs to stop.

Trump, yah that guy. I hope he’s not the nominee, I really do , because I don’t want to have to vote for him, but I will. The choices on the other side are far worse for our country than a loud mouth braggart. That being said, Trump in his own way has done a great service to this country. He’s exposed the fallacy of political correctness and shown it to be the cancer on society that it is. I’ve shown but a couple examples of how political correctness has metastasized into the ungodly monster we see today. It has already affected our judgement as a nation in non-beneficial ways. We have become paralyzed into inaction for fear of offending this group or that group. We are naively accepting that all cultures are equal and no one has a right to judge. While true in a general sense, if your culture includes treating women as property to trade like baseball cards. If your culture considers being gay a capital offense. If your culture is based upon the abrogation of basic human rights….Yes, we can judge your culture, that’s not being politically incorrect or racist, or xenophobic….It’s simply correct.


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