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Just a few things bouncing around in my noggin.

When you hear politicians, mostly on the left but a few on the right, talk about immigrants and how we have to help immigrants. They’re not talking about legal immigrants. They’ve stopped distinguishing between legal and illegal immigration. It’s a word game they hope you don’t notice. Listen to what the presidential candidates on the Democrat side are saying about immigration. They speak of how the Republicans don’t like immigrants for instance. This is a flat out lie, but they get away with it by not distinguishing between the different types of immigrants. Don’t be fooled by this, when they say Republicans don’t like immigrants, what they mean is we don’t want illegal immigration. No one, and I mean no one of any stature on the Republican side has any issue with legal immigration. It’s disingenuous to claim we are trying to kick immigrants out of the country, as Debbie Wasserman Shultz , DNC chairwoman said the other day in an interview. We simply want people to come here legally and not sneak into the country. That’s not racist, or anti immigration or anti immigrant. It is actually pro immigration, legal immigration.

Recently, here in California, Sea World was seeking a permit to greatly increase the size of the enclosure for Killer Whales. The permit was allowed, but with one condition. The condition was brought on by PETA and other environmental groups protesting Sea World. They’re citing such things as Blackfish etc. Blackfish has been proven to be completely fabricated, none of it is true. Anyways, the condition the Coastal Commission put on Sea World was that they couldn’t breed Killer Whales at the San Diego park. This smear campaign against Sea World has got to stop. They do so much good for marine animals and they most certainly don’t mistreat their animals. Blackfish is a lie, the allegations being made about Sea World aren’t true, and the Coastal Commission is on shaky legal ground in denying Sea World the right to breed its Killer Whales…the sure to be ensuing court case will tell the tale. But it got me to thinking, who is going to be the lucky person that gets to tell the KILLER WHALES, they can’t have sex????? Talk about cruel and unusual punishment…..

Turns out Putin is doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do. While our Dear Leader waffles away and worries about his handicap, chaos is going on in the Middle East. Yes, that’s kind of redundant, but it’s really bad this time. Obama’s strategy is a joke, and worthless at best. Into this vacuum steps Putin, he comes in, is beating the living shit out of ISIS in Syria and it’s barely been two weeks. How long has Obama been trying to disrupt and degrade ISIS? Putin is making us look weak , and ineffective, and frankly , we are. It’s not because we can’t do the job, but because we have a weak leader.

Unemployment numbers have been distorted for years, well not the numbers themselves per se, but the way they are reported gives a false impression. There are 6 classifications of unemployment as far as the Bureau of Labor Statistics is concerned, U1- U6. The U3 number is the one that is always reported and is considered the official unemployment rate which today stands at 5.1% The real reflection on the job situation is the U6 number. This one shows umemployed, people working part time that want full time work, and those marginally attached to the workforce(basically unemployed but get a job once in awhile) The current U6 number is 10% according to the BLS. This does not show a growing economy, or a rosey job picture. This, among other factors, shows an economy sputtering along, not going strong, as you hear government officials constantly claim. The percentage of working aged people in the workforce( Workforce Participation Rate) is at a 40 year low. It is approx 62%, that means 38% of the working aged people in this country are not working. The reason the U3 number is going down is due to how the BLS calculates unemployment. If a person on unemployment doesn’t find a job by the time their unemployment runs out, they are not counted as unemployed anymore. In fact, they’re not counted at all, this is why the unemployment rate appears to be dropping. Smaller group sampled, smaller percentage of people counted as unemployed.  If these people were counted, the unemployment rate would be through the roof. You can see why they manipulate the numbers now, don’t believe it when you hear the unemployment rate on the news. Look at the U6 and the Workforce Participation Rate for the real picture. This isn’t secret or hidden knowledge, the government puts out this data monthly for all to see.


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