Disappearing Police Enforcement

Today the Director of the FBI gave a speech talking about crime rates and how they have risen recently. He said, after speaking with a group of police chiefs from around the country, that part of the rise in crime rates is due to what he calls the Ferguson Effect. Basically what he’s saying is that since Ferguson , police officers have become reluctant to do their jobs for fear of being falsely accused of some “heinous” act. Granted, there are some bad cops, it’s statistically impossible for any group to not have a few bad apples. But the way all police are so broad brushed today is unreal. While I understand that the police have never really been everyone’s favorite profession because you rarely encounter them to just talk about the weather or yesterday’s score in the game., they are not the bad guys here…the Bad Guys are the bad guys, not the cops.

Groups like Black Lives Matter, and people like Al Sharpton claim police are targeting black people and have a racial animus towards anyone not white. They somehow miss the fact that large percentages of police officers are , you know…not white. We hear statistics that state blacks represent a higher percentage of stops than whites.  But does anyone stop to think about it in this way, or are there any statistics that show this? If you look at stops in a given neighborhood, I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that you are going to see rates of encounters closely matching the racial makeup of that neighborhood. If it’s majority black, then you’re going to see more stops of blacks than say, Asians. That’s not racial animus, that’s called doing their job. However, if you use data for an entire city, you’re going to get a somewhat different result. This doesn’t show racial bias of any sort, though it does imply statistical bias. Policing isn’t about making sure we arrest people based on their races’ percentage in society, it’s about stopping or deterring crime regardless of skin color.

Another way to look at this is to realize that over 90% of blacks murdered in this country die by the hands of other blacks, not police officers. This is never brought up by Black Lives Matter, gee , wonder why? Could it be that they can’t generate a racial divide by fighting to stop this atrocity? No money in it for them? If Black Lives Matter, which they do, along with everyone’s lives, then why does this group not march to stop that? No, all they march about is how unfair it is that they’re picked on by the police. They chant slogans of death to cops, kill whitey, etc( oh so helpful when trying to bridge a racial divide by the way)  Who is it that is calling the police in minority neighborhoods? Do white people sneak into the neighborhoods at night and randomly call the police to report a crime or ask for help? No, other minorities are calling the police for help. Are those people racist for calling the police on the bad guys, or is it only the police that are racist for arresting them?

Enough of this! Police officers are people like us. They have families that love them and they try their best to do a shitty job. The majority of police are decent people , but look at what they deal with on a daily basis. They are not typically encountering the best our society has to offer. Even the kindest person will eventually weary of the constant drumbeat of repeated contacts with the less than stellar members of our society. This makes many of them quite jaded, but that does not mean they turn into racist monsters that can’t wait to go out and shoot or arrest some minority.

Just watch, as more and more police back down, mainly for their own safety in this super charged environment, we will see crime rates rise dramatically and there will be cries from the people that we need to do something about all the criminals running rampant in our streets. Which communities will suffer the brunt of this? You guessed it, minority communities. The cops aren’t welcome in those neighborhoods these days, who is going to come when innocent people in these neighborhoods call for help and none arrives? Cops don’t arrest people because of their skin color, they arrest you because you broke the law. Don’t want to get arrested and or sent to prison? STOP COMMITTING CRIMES, get a job or go to school but stop blaming the police when they catch you doing something wrong. Do we really want a society without police?



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2 responses to “Disappearing Police Enforcement

  1. Gremlin

    I have done this police job. It’s just like any other job. However everyone knows more about the job; than the officer doing the job.

    Here is an instructional video on how to deal with the 5-0.

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