Mass Hysteria

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but recent events have gotten so out of control I felt compelled to respond.

The hysteria that has been ginned up since Trump was elected has reached levels I’m finding hard to locate in our history. The closest I can come up with is McCarthyism in the 50s. Our parents and many others should remember those days, I wasn’t there but from all I’ve read over the years it was a crazy time here. By the end, everyone was seeing commies here, there, everywhere. In retrospect, Sen. McCarthy was initially correct in his accusations of communists secretly working in our government. The Russians, at least 10 years ago declassified a lot of their Cold War stuff and lo and behold, it showed exactly what Sen. McCarthy had said was true. That’s it, the initial charge was true and there were communists in our government trying to subvert our laws etc. What happened afterwards is what’s important in this discussion. Media reports became more and more sensational, other organizations began to try to “root out” the commies in their midst. People started accusing others of being communists or communist sympathizers..wait, I just thought of another instance, The Salem Witch Trials. While a much smaller scale, the same sort of hysteria happened…but I digress. People’s lives and careers were ruined and we later find out, none of it was true. It was pure unadulterated hysteria that took on a life of its own. The same thing is happening now.

Let me just say right off the bat, I’m not some rabid Trump supporter. Believe it or not, the vast majority of us who voted for Trump did not do so because we were under some delusion that he wasn’t a rude , crude, and socially unacceptable cad. We voted for him for mainly two reasons, Hillary was 1000s of times worse and we didn’t have any other viable choice. The fact we very rarely have viable choices from either side is a discussion for another time. We voted for him because we saw where things were headed and it wasn’t good and this guy was the only option to try to get things to change. Hillary wasn’t going to do it, she is on record as saying if she won it was going to be business as usual. So, no, don’t come at me and flood my feed with how much you hate Trump, I get it, we get it, the country gets it….you don’t like Trump.

That being said, nothing he’s done so far is worthy of impeachment. Don’t forget , for those of you who want Trump impeached. If he is, you can get used to saying President Pence, and he’s one of those “religious bigots” you keep telling us about, be careful what you wish for. There have been new “Breaking News” allegations since the day he was elected, before that it was maybe every other week the media went into meltdown mode. All of these allegations have one thing in common. None of them have ANY evidence to support them. Russia and Trump? Multiple government officials with knowledge of the investigation have stated under oath that there is no actual evidence of collusion. This goes back to July or August of LAST YEAR. A rational person might conclude after this lengthy of an investigation that Something, ANYTHING would have been found by now to support the allegations, but to date there is nothing.

The Comey Memo. This one is very recent and has fed the hysteria even more. Comey, when under oath at a recent Senate or House hearing on the matter stated that he, nor anyone else in his Dept was pressured to stop, slow walk, or otherwise hinder their investigation. This was said, AFTER the supposed memo was written by Comey. Furthermore, Trump, or any president can, at any time and for any reason, fire one of their direct employees. It’s been the law of the land for longer than I can remember. Not to mention Bill Clinton did it when he was in office. Does any rational person think that Trump firing Comey is going to stop the FBI investigation? Comey isn’t the one out there pounding the pavement for clues, no, career people at the FBI are conducting the investigation. They are not subject to the whims of politics, they keep their jobs no matter who sits in the Oval Office. The investigation never stopped because Trump fired Comey. A side note about Comey being fired…He was not liked by either side and both sides were very vocal about it. The Republicans wanted his head when he didn’t recommend charges against Hillary. The Democrats wanted him canned when he reopened the investigation into Hillary right before the election. The Democrats kept up their calls for Comey to be gone right up until a week before Trump fired him. So spare me the histrionics about how Trump firing Comey is an abuse of power or anything of the sort. That is all just politics and politicians hoping the American people will be too distracted to remember they wanted him gone too. Sadly, it appears they are correct in their assumptions about many people in this country.

Let’s see, what else has been blown way out of proportion recently..Oh yeah, Trump gave the Russians Top Secret intelligence. Contrary to the hysteria out there, it is not unusual for a president to share some intelligence with other nations when it suits our interests. As far as most of what I’ve read about this, there is nothing here. He didn’t compromise methods or anything like that. He spoke to the Russians in regards to this new threat from ISIS regarding laptops and other electronic devices.  This wasn’t a state secret, a week or so before Trump allegedly gave away the store to the Ruskies, an article in the New York Times talked about this new threat we were facing from laptops being brought onto airplanes. It spoke about how the U.S. was concerned and had forbidden laptops to be brought aboard U.S. carriers originating flights from the Middle East. It further went on to say that the U.S. was considering extending the ban to Europe as well. Believe it or not, the Russians share this risk along with all of us. They just had one of their commercial airliners blown out of the sky by terrorists. Ya think they might be a little interested in information that might help them protect their own citizens? Did Trump likely run off at the mouth? Yah, probably he did, but other people who were in the room who have far more credibility than Trump have stated categorically that nothing proprietary was discussed.

Take these and a host of other absurdities, such as CNN having an actual discussion and getting outraged that Trump got two scoops of ice cream and his guests only got one, add it all up and you get where we are now. Which in a weird way sort of ties into the whole McCarthyism from the 50s. We have little bits of allegations and assertions being blown out of proportion about Russia. We have a media hyping every single thing this administration does as the current end of the world, all we need now is for people to start turning others in as Russian agents to protect themselves and we have us a Red Scare all over again. Except this time you can add in violence perpetrated by one side, the side that lost an election. Do you not see where this is heading? Don’t you understand the risk we are facing if this insanity continues? People are being worked up into a frenzied mob. Frenzied mobs typically don’t respond peacefully to stimuli from either side. All of this is being done for solely political purposes. So a select few can remain in charge of all us plebes out here in the dirty backwaters of this country.

Trump is a bafoon, but he’s not an idiot and he’s not Hitler. IF, and I stress IF, anything actually considered evidence comes forward , then all bets are off and we’ll have to see where things go. But what is going on right now and being stoked by media and others, some of them elected officials, is going to lead to only one outcome. And it’s not going to be pretty, that’s not a threat, it’s a plea to step back from the precipice we are rapidly approaching before it’s too late. The Civil War was horrific , but if we have a repeat of actual open warfare between ourselves, it’s going to be far worse. Back then 600,000+ people died out of a population of roughly 31 Million. In today’s numbers that would mean a death toll of over 6 million people.

Think real hard about buying into the hysteria. Don’t confuse your hatred of a man for proof of a crime. Once the shooting starts, it ain’t gonna be pretty and it ain’t gonna be easy to stop. Stay vigilant, and if , one day, actual evidence emerges..then we all get together and throw out the criminal…no matter what party they belong to.



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2 responses to “Mass Hysteria

  1. Michael AKA Gremlin

    Thanks, for the well thought out article SanDiegoDude or FELK. I take you do not want to get a job with CNN or even Fox News. I remember this kind of Mass Hysteria in the days of George W. Bush and I just ignored it and continue to it ignore today. Until the day when Donald Trump orders Russian Army to blow up Topeka, Kansas. CNN news says he will. I remember the days when people respected the office the President of United States. I must be getting old and stuck in my ways…. I don’t know… Thanks Again and one more thing. This is your blog and I will STAY OUT! as Funky used to say.

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