Here we are again, Four years later

I always have so much to say, until I actually sit down in front of the computer, then I’m blank.

Within a week, the actual voting begins, and we get to decide on which two morons will duke it out to be our fearless leader. If you’ve read my posts over the years , then it should be easy to conclude I won’t be voting for any of the Democrats running this year. Years ago I voted for a Democrat, was registered Democrat, believed all the B.S. they spew, then I matured and woke up to the realization that they were batshit crazy. None of their ideas ever worked. So, I became a Republican, the deciding factor was when I heard my president, under oath, equivocate on the meaning of the word ‘is’. The Republicans have shown themselves to be batshit crazy too, but far less so than the Dems. In fact, they sometimes manage to actually accomplish good things for all of us, Welfare Reform, back in 1996, is one off the top of my head.

That being said, I’m conservative in my views with a bit of libertarian thrown in for good measure. Some conservatives are Republicans, but as a whole, the Republican party is basically the Democrat party lite. They’re still driving us off the cliff, but they’re taking the time to stop and smell the roses along the way. Contrary to the popular view, conservatives don’t want to starve old people, we don’t hate poor people, could care less what your skin color is or who you sleep with. We are not against clean air, water, or land, we just disagree on how you achieve such goals without wrecking your economy in the process. The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 is an example of good law , that actually did what it was intended to do, and benefited millions of people.

Welfare Reform didn’t starve poor people, it didn’t throw them out on the streets. It did , however, get millions of Americans the training and help they needed to get off welfare. Granted, it was a requirement or you got kicked off, but it worked. Millions of people dropped off welfare eventually , not because those evil conservatives threw them out in the cold, but because they had job skills and jobs enabling them to support themselves. This not only gave them the self respect of being able to take care of themselves, it reduced the burden on the Welfare system thus allowing limited resources to be directed towards the truly needy.

One of the first things Obama did when he got into office was to remove those requirements in the system. The result 7 years later? Have you seen the Welfare rolls lately? Over 45 million people on food-stamps, an all time high, even when taking population differences over time into account. Does that make the differences in approach and outcomes easier to understand? This isn’t to say that only one side has all the answers, but of the two approaches to the same issue, one was pilloried in the press and other media outlets and one method was praised and hailed for its vision. Guess which one worked and which one failed.

I told you that , so I could tell you this. This election is important to where we are going as a nation. Despite what you hear in the press, Americans in general and Republicans in particular are not racists. In fact, the implication is highly offensive, and since being offended is practically a protected state of mind these days, my offense must be acknowledged and these constant micro-aggressions must cease or I will be forced to retreat to my safe space. Then you guys will be sorry, oh I’m sorry , guys is genderphobic ,I should have said persons or humans instead of guys.

This idiocy is what is represented by the Left these days. These inanities and others, including such things as gutting a successful government program to buy votes and hurting the very people you claim to be helping are what we are facing from the Left side of the aisle. One of their candidates is an avowed Socialist ( communist, let’s be honest here) The other one is trying to out left him while dodging a very probable criminal indictment. Oh and O’Malley is running too. None of their ideas are new, none of them have ever worked throughout history. We’re experiencing it right now as to how successfully this approach is going. Bernie promises even more of this, Clinton hedges her bets but basically promises at least as much as what we have now. Oh, and O’Malley is running too. I can list endless historical and contemporary examples of failed leftist policies but I’ll leave that to the curious among you to find out for yourself.

There are still far too many people on the Right ( as it were ) to discuss all of them, so I’ll focus on the leaders. We have a successful businessman but he’s a blowhard, we have a Constitutionalist but his own colleagues don’t like him, we have another young Senator running( we just did that, not working out), another blowhard but this one is a governor version, and some dude whose dad and brother used to work in government or something. Oh, and O’Malley..oops, sorry, my bad.

I say all of this, but would still vote for any of them as opposed to the other choices. You see, I’m under no illusion that they are going to be able to do everything they propose. But , if they’re able to do enough of it, our country will be much better off…for EVERYONE. Conservative principles, when implemented, have been shown to be the better choice for the most people than the alternative. Once again, there are countless examples and not enough room to list them all. I encourage you to look at the time periods of 1920-24(28), 1948-50, 1960-63, 1980-88(92) These ushered in good economic times for all of us. These were both Republicans and Democrats doing this. Party doesn’t mean anything, it’s principles that matter. These were conservative principles being employed and they worked.

Take what I’ve said into account. Go look up what I said, don’t take my word for it. Think long and hard before you cast your vote this time around.




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