What’s With all the Uproar over Planned Parenthood

In the early 1900’s a woman named Margaret Sanger founded an organization called Planned Parenthood. But who was Margaret Sanger and what was her motivation for founding this organization? In the early 20th Century there was a movement called the Eugenics Movement. It was a belief that we could breed out undesirable characteristics from the human species. This took various forms in societies around the world , including sterilization of the mentally handicapped to outright extermination of groups of people…think the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Margaret Sanger was a leading voice for this movement here in America. She was outspoken in her desires to purify our race to “save” us from undesirable people. Who were considered undesirable in her mind? Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, the handicapped etc etc. Basically anyone that wasn’t white. She started Planned Parenthood basically as a front to further her goals. She targeted blacks because, to her, they were the largest group of undesirables in this country at the time. She sold it as a health clinic for the poor and underprivileged women in the country. She enlisted the help of black preachers and others to promote her services. But the real goal was elimination of undesirable races/groups. This is the woman many supporters of Planned Parenthood laud as a hero for woman’s rights and healthcare in this country.

Fast forward to today. Since Roe v Wade, it’s estimated that 55 million abortions have been performed in this country. Not all from Planned Parenthood, but they are the leader by far. Of those 55 million abortions, approximately 17 million of them were African Americans. That equates to about 36% of the abortions since Roe v Wade. Add another 20% for Hispanics and you have well over half of the abortions in this country being minorities. To put that in perspective, African-Americans represent about 12.5% of the population, Hispanics about 17% , yet they represent around 56% of the abortions since Roe v Wade.By contrast,whites make up roughly 67% of the population and represent approximately the same percentage of abortions as blacks. Can you see how the math is working out here? Pretty stark numbers right? So why are we as a nation still funding this when there are other options available to us? Planned Parenthood performed almost 400,000 abortions last year by their own numbers. This doesn’t count abortions performed elsewhere around the country. According to these statistics, we know that well over half of those were black and Hispanic babies. Sounds to me that ole’ Margaret’s vision is coming to fruition and they’re doing it to themselves.

Where are the majority of Planned Parenthood clinics located? In poor and minority neighborhoods aren’t they? Starting to see a pattern yet? Eugenics has been a discredited philosophy for decades. And whether intentional or not, it lives on in Planned Parenthood. Look at it another way, what if those 17 million blacks had not been aborted(plus the offspring of those 17 million)? Think of how much more political clout the black community would have these days. Many of the issues going on now might not have happened, or perhaps have been less severe.

On top of all of that, we have the videos. Yes they were edited, they have something like 30+ hours of raw footage. The constraints of time require them to edit that video so it fits on news broadcasts etc. It’s a common practice in the entire movie/TV industry. It’s nothing odd or unusual, so for detractors to claim oh it was “deceptively edited” is frankly insulting. The organization put out ALL the raw footage for anyone to see if desired. They were doing more than just covering costs for “tissue”. If they were just recovering a fee, it would be a listed price, not part of a negotiation. The very fact they negotiated costs suggests they were making money…on baby parts…selling parts of aborted …Babies…as if they were some sort of commodity to be bought and sold…Baby body parts. Let that sink in just a bit.

But, you say, it’s being used for medical research to help Mankind. Yes, Dr. Mengele said the same thing about his research in Nazi Germany.The Japanese used the same logic in Camp 731 where they conducted “medical research” on live humans, prisoners of war for instance.  Whether or not they are conscious of it, the people engaged in this practice are furthering the goals of Eugenics. They have reduced a human to a simple commodity. For crying out loud some people get apoplectic when people do research on animals. Human babies? Eh, nothing to see here. Humans are not commodities to be bought and sold for any reason. There are other ways to do research without reducing a human being to “a mass of cells”

But, Planned Parenthood does a lot of good too right? Yes and no. They claim to have performed X amount of mammograms each year for instance. They’ve performed a grand total of Zero. THEY , don’t perform mammograms they do breast exams yet advertise mammograms. They refer women to local clinics for the mammogram. Why not just have us pay that clinic to begin with? We’re already spending the money but might actually save money by cutting out the middle man, i.e. PP.

But they hand out free birth control, and medical services to poor women. It’s not free, we the taxpayers fund up to a third of their budget. The money can be spent more wisely.  The good they do, does not in any way absolve them of the bad things. We as a nation should not be giving this organization one penny. The 5-600 million dollars we give to Planned Parenthood can be redirected to other clinics offering the same health needs. No woman has to go without proper care, the money will still be there to help them. We just won’t be funding the lasting sad legacy of the Eugenics Movement and all the pain that has caused the world. If the rich abortion rights people want to put their money where their mouth is, they can help to fund PP.

Lastly, I’m not some rabid anti abortionist. I do believe there should be some exceptions. What we have now is simply out of control and needs to be reigned in. It is so out of control that the concept of humanity has been all but abandoned. Who are we as a society when we’ve become so numbed to death that selling baby body parts seems like a logical next step? Do you see how this sort of thing stems from the views and practices of people like Sanger, the Nazis, the Japanese during WWII and countless others? Abortion is not birth control, it is not about women’s health, it is killing another human being. Granted, there are instances where sadly , it is necessary, but it’s still killing another human and should not be taken lightly.


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