Yeah, Mr. President, About That Math Thing

Obama said it’s not about class warfare, it’s about math. While that statement is true, it leads to the obvious question.  Then why do he and the Democrats constantly engage in class warfare?

The Rich are always evil, or practically getting away with murder and the poor are “trapped” in their situation. Kept there by The Man for various reasons, skin color, socioeconomic status, citizenship status , etc. It’s the same old song and dance. Now, making $200,000 dollars a year is the cut off for being called a millionaire or billionaire by our president.

Never have understood that math, he talks about millionaires and billionaires not paying their fair share, yet he wants to raise taxes on people making more than 200,000 individually or 250,000 as a couple?? Mr. President, it would take FIVE people making 200,000 dollars a year to equal one Millionaire. Cuz like you know, 200K goes into 1 Million 5 times. That’s , umm, math Mr. President.

From the beginning of his presidency he and his party in Congress have been on a spending spree. Granted , immediately before the Democrats took over Congress, the Republicans were having their own little spree. The difference is that frankly , Republicans are amateurs when it comes to spending. The Democrats and Obama professionals. They went to Spending Warp 9.2 , Scotty screaming his head off that he’s givin ‘im all she’s got Capn’

NOW, two and a half years into his presidency he suddenly realizes how much trouble we’re in financially?? Talk about someone who needs a remedial Math course, sheesh.

After Stimulus One, QE I , QE II, and Obamacare a 6th Grader could have told you that we were heading for debt up the wazoo. Because it doesn’t take a math wiz to understand the simple math of  x – (x+y) = a negative number unless y is zero. That is what’s called math Mr. President. To be clear, in the real world the value for y is NEVER zero, jus sayin’.

So I find it a tad insulting when the supposedly most intelligent president we’ve ever had, has some major issues with simple math equations. Yet tells the rest of us that WE don’t understand math because we balked at yet MORE spending? No Mr. President, even we conservatives went to school, a lot of us even paid attention to our Math teachers.

When he and the Democrats put us on the hook for potentially trillions of dollars with things like Obamacare, he and the Democratic party refuse to lift a finger to do anything to truly save programs like Medicare and Social Security, and keep proposing new taxes and ever increasing regulations.It’s not all that difficult to figure out where that train is heading.

Keynesian economics does not work, it’s been proven time and time again throughout history. In fact, during his presidency it was proven yet again that this economic model doesn’t work. Why do you think Europe is in so much trouble financially these days??

So his latest big , huge, enormously stupendous plan to get the country working again is to ignore all of that and do more of what he’s already done.? You know, the stuff that hasn’t worked that he tried already.

Mr. President, when you spend more than you take in, the math just doesn’t work out, no matter how many speeches you make.


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