Is There Still Right and Wrong?

A recent “discussion” with a liberal, got me to thinking.

This person claimed that the sooner we get over this outdated concept of right and wrong the sooner we’ll be better off as a country. He said this concept of team spirit , in other words..patriotism, makes those of us believing in this, nothing more than mere tools of global elites.

Well, far be it from me to claim the title of final arbiter on what is right or wrong. However, we can ask ourselves some pertinent questions to put things in perspective. If this ultimately disproves this liberal’s contentions then so be it.

When you in your day-to-day life realize that your outflow is more than your inflow of cash what do you do?

Well, you have two choices, either keep spending and getting new credit cards to pay off old ones, or cut back on your spending , go without certain items, and try to pay down some of your debt. Most of us will obviously choose the second option since the first option leads to bankruptcy and a host of other undesirable outcomes. In this case there is a right and wrong choice to make.

Setting aside the Republican/Democrat part of the debate, ask yourself which political philosophy , liberal/conservative, is advocating which option as a solution to our financial problems.

On the liberal side we have many advocates of the first option. When you get to the scale of governments, Keynesian economics represents the first option. In this economic model government spending is a good thing. In this model, the more government spends and regulates(controls) the better the economy will be for all. Many Western European countries are perfect examples of this economic philosophy. We typically call these Socialist countries, but in an economic sense they are practitioners of our first option. Since Obama’s election, we’ve been witness to the utter failure of this economic philosophy on our own shores. The libs got their wish, we’re just like Europe.

Unless you live under a rock it has become clear to anyone paying attention that these countries are all on the verge of economic collapse. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, they’re running out of other people’s money. The old Soviet Union, Cuba, and to a lesser extent China are extreme examples of this philosophy. Last I checked, the Soviet Union self destructed and went bankrupt. Cuba is an economic basket case and people are braving sharks to make to our shores. China , however, is actually now, more of a hybrid of philosophies. They represent the first option but they also are becoming more enamored with our second option. They’re not an economic powerhouse by adhering solely to the first option. They’re capitalists in many respects.

Free Market economies are the governmental equivalent of our second option.  Here we find less government regulation ( less control ). Trying to spend less than you bring in, and using the savings to pay off debt. We have many examples of this philosophy of government working. Almost all of them come from the U.S. Throughout almost our entire history we’ve had very little government control over our lives. What was the result? Well, for one, the promise of personal and economic freedom, spurred one of the largest migrations of humans in the planet’s history. All of them headed here. This led to many benefits , not only to us, but the world .

Many of the technological advancements that we take for granted today are American inventions by individuals, not the government.. Many of those by people emigrating here to live free with little governmental control of their lives. Some inventions we take for granted even came from people whose relatives didn’t come here by choice. Dr. Carver comes to mind as an example.

We won WWII mostly through our unrivaled capacity to produce things. Not to diminish the bravery of our forces back then, but a large part of how we beat the Germans was due to superior numbers. We just out produced them 10 times over. Why do I cite WWII as an example of a benefit? Consider the alternative had the Axis powers won WWII. But I don’t mean to imply that being able to out produce machines to kill people is all we have going for us. Many technological advancements that make our lives easier were invented in America.

My point is that this type of economic power can’t be sustained under any other system other than a free market, low governmental control system. Yes, the Soviets far out produced the Germans too, but it couldn’t be sustained, hence their ultimate implosion economically. Thank you Ronald Wilson Reagan for helping them over the cliff. Furthermore, their initial success came at the price of personal freedoms, i.e. forced labor and deprivation.

Why are we in the mess we’re in now? Well, since The Great Depression and FDR the lure of the first option has become the norm in our lives. Since that time we’ve been in a battle between those advocating the first option and those advocating the second option. One option has been proven throughout human history to not work, and one option has been proven to work. Look at who is advocating for each option and decide for yourself. Hopefully you’ll quickly ask yourself the question…Why is there even a debate about this stuff?

Is it right or wrong to follow an economic model that has proven to not work?

Is it right or wrong to follow an economic model that has proven to work?

One last thing to ponder. Almost exclusively, the former Soviet Bloc countries of Eastern Europe have decided to follow the second option. They’re not in the same economic mess the rest of Europe is dealing with. They’re actually doing well. That should tell you something.


Yes Virginia, there is a right and wrong.



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