Stop Trying To Help

We’re from the government and we’re here to help. No phrase, that I can think of, has struck more abject terror into the hearts of Americans. It seems the more that government tries to help, the worse things get. The sad thing is, we keep falling for the same thing over and over again throughout our history.

The New Deal of FDR and all the increased regulations and government spending , didn’t actually help get out of the depression. In many ways it prolonged it longer than it historically would have lasted. The only thing that “saved” FDR’s legacy and the U.S. economy was the outbreak of World War II. Getting sucked into a world war doesn’t seem like a sound fiscal policy to me, I’m jus’ sayin’. Immediately after WWII we were in a very similar fiscal mess to what we’re in now. High debt , deficits , and mountains of regulations left over from the war and The New Deal. The Republicans in Congress SLASHED federal spending , subsidies, regulations and simply got out-of-the-way of private enterprise. The result was the 1950s, one of the largest economic booms in our history.

Then there was LBJ’s Great Society, this got us Medicare, Medicaid, and The War on Poverty. How’s all that going for us so far? Judging by the current mess we’re in with unfunded liabilities for Medicare in the tens of trillions of dollars, to name just one, I’d say we’re in worse shape now than we were before the government stepped in and helped.

Here is one hard cold slice of reality for you to chew on. Before The Great Society and The War on Poverty, black families, almost exclusively , consisted of a mom and dad that lived at home, one or both had a job, their children did well in school, and their neighborhoods weren’t plagued by crime and drugs when compared to black families today. What the government did, under the best of intentions, was incentivize the destruction of the so-called nuclear family. This applied across all races in America, it just hit blacks the hardest.

Being a male, I hate to say this because it doesn’t show us in all that good a light…but many men ( not all of course, but far too many), released from the responsibility to provide and care for their progeny, will jump right on that bandwagon and share the love as it were , far and wide. It’s unpopular to say these sorts of thing in this PC world we live in, but they’re the truth.

Carter basically inherited a shitty economy, brought about in large part by the government trying to help, ala LBJ and The Great Society. He promptly made it worse by trying to help more and became a one-termer….thankfully. Reagan was the polar opposite of Carter. He proved that more government isn’t the answer. By Reagan’s time the creep of the federal government had once again grown to stifling levels, helped on by The Great Society and The Carter “Legacy”. Reagan came in and did essentially what the Republicans did in 1948 ( Reagan was a Democrat back then, just to put things in perspective ) What was the result? 23 Million jobs and a booming economy. Are you starting to see a pattern here??

Obama is sometimes compared to Reagan, by slavish reporters that would otherwise spit on what Reagan stood for.To borrow a phrase….. I remember Ronald Reagan, he was a president of mine, and you , Mr. Obama,  are no Reagan…. Obama with help from the Democrat Party have done everything Reagan wouldn’t do to stimulate the economy. How do I know this? Wellll, what Reagan did worked!! Obama?? Yeah, not so much.

That isn’t an argument for no government oversight. There are some legitimate roles for government. Protecting our borders comes to mind, I mean , it’s like in the Constitution and stuff. Once again at the risk of belaboring the point…I’m jus’ sayin’.

But the government can’t be everything to everyone in this country. Government does have a role in our lives, but at some point it’s up to people to make it on their own. And left to our own devices, we will all make it. Look at our history, when the power of the American people is set free, great things have happened.

Don’t believe me? Look at the late 19th Century and Entire 20th Century and all the different things, ideas, etc which came out of America. Do you think they just magically appeared through the power of benevolent government? No, it was us, the American people through our sweat, ingenuity, intelligence, insight and determination that these things came to pass. Government wasn’t involved in the invention of the Light Bulb, the production line, the Cotton Gin, manned flight, air conditioning, the list is ENDLESS.

Government didn’t settle the west and make it the productive place it is today, WE did that. All government did back in the 1800s was open the door to us and say. Pay us a small fee for the right to some land…and that was it. They stayed out-of-the-way for the most part ( they did follow the Constitution back then and sent federal troops to protect us and our interests ) and let us do our thing. I’m not trying to gloss over the bad aspects of that, nor am I advocating we go back to that extreme version of government philosophy, but we are clearly today at the polar opposite of the government philosophy during the time of the Land Rush of the 1800s. A middle ground between the two is achievable with a little thought and effort.

The economy is bad and not really getting any better. The sooner government gets out-of-the-way and stops trying to help, the sooner we’ll be the powerhouse we once were. Leave it to us, We the People, we’ll get the job done , we don’t need Uncle Sam’s help.


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