Do You Have Your I.D.?

There’s an old joke that goes something like this.

A guy is driving in the South, he gets pulled over. The cop walks up to his car and says to the man, “Do you have any ID” The man replies, “bout what?”

All jokes aside, in this day and age a person needs a form of photo ID to conduct just about any form of business these days.

Want to cash a check? Better have your photo ID. Want to use a credit card? Be ready to show your ID. Going on a trip somewhere on an airplane? You damn well better have a valid photo ID or you can forget about flying the friendly skies. Almost everyone likes to go have a drink with friends now and then, try walking into the bar without your photo ID proving you are old enough to legally be in that establishment. Get stopped by law enforcement, you’d better have a valid driver’s license with you to show the cop or you’ll likely have your car impounded. You basically need a photo ID just to make it through a typical day of business. Well, there is one aspect of American life where you don’t need a photo ID and that is when you go to vote.

Of all things in this country that don’t require an ID , it is the most important aspect of our life as citizens of this great land. It’s not like getting an ID is cost prohibitive, (and even if it was, many states have offered to waive the fees for those that can’t afford the 15 bucks it costs to get an ID ) otherwise there would be millions of people in this country without a form of identification , making it rather difficult to get by in life from day-to-day. It’s not hard at all to get a photo ID, it doesn’t even have to be a driver’s license, all states have state issued ID cards for those people who need ID but don’t wish to drive or have been legally prevented from driving a motor vehicle. The bottom line is that almost every one of us has some form of photo identification available to use when needed.

Recently there has been a push in many states to require a photo ID when voting. The cries of racism and as the new head of the DNC put it, “a return to Jim Crow laws” is deafening in its cacophony. One would think people wanted to re-introduce the Poll Tax or some other form of ACTUAL discrimination. All we are asking is that you prove who you are before you can vote.

Do you feel disenfranchised when the clerk at the department store asks you for your ID when you go to make your purchase? Are you being discriminated against when the cop asks to see your driver’s license? No, of course not, but ask to see someone’s ID when they vote and you may as well be wearing a white hood and warming up the cross for the nights festivities. The outcry over all of this is pathetic and frankly un-American.

The way I see this, the Democrats ( since you don’t hear any Republicans crying over this ) are trying to protect their voting base, i.e. illegal aliens and felons, and I don’t want to leave out the most important voting block for Democrats (especially in Chicago ) Dead People. Going to be kind of hard to have your dead grandmother vote when she can’t be there to show her ID to the Poll Worker. And that is why Democrats are so against these new laws. If you have to show ID when you vote, how the hell are they going to defraud elections? How are they going to skew votes in favor of their candidates if they can’t invent voters?

Some say it’s an unfair burden placed upon poor people. WHAT?? You mean to tell me that poor people don’t have photo IDs? Really? How do they cash their government checks at the check cashing stores without ID? How do they prove who they are when they go to apply for government assistance. I haven’t heard of cops arresting scores of poor people because they can’t prove whom they are. I’ve said it time and again in this article but I’ll say it again….practically EVERYONE in this country already has some form of photo ID. It’s not an undue or unfair burden for you to be asked to show it when you show up to vote.

For crying out loud, I had to show ID the last time I was sick because I wanted to buy some over the counter cold medicine, but it had ephedra or something in it that required me to prove I was an adult to buy it, that reminds me, you need an ID to buy spray paint these days due to all the taggers and paint huffers out there. Is THAT an undue burden on you? Does that disenfranchise your ability to buy the medicine you need? No, of course not.

So, the next time you hear someone crying about having to show their ID when they vote. Just ask them about a few of the things I mentioned in this article. Find out how often they don’t think twice about showing their IDs to people throughout the course of their daily routine. Then ask them again why they feel doing the same thing when they show up to vote is disenfranchising to their right to vote.


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