Ryan’s Plan for Medicare Might not be Perfect, But It’s a Good Start

Ok, I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this post, so bear with me. We are faced with very stark choices , very soon. Our country is 14.3 Trillion dollars in debt, thankfully the debt ceiling wasn’t raised and for the time being it can’t get any worse. But that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet, Congress is desperately trying to get its hands on more crack. If Republicans and conservatives don’t hold their ground the debt ceiling will be raised and we’ll start digging that hole again.

On top of that, Medicare is going under. Some experts say it has maybe ten years left and it won’t be able to meet its obligations. Needless to say, that would be pretty bad. I’d get into Social Security but that would wander off topic, but it’s part of the problem too and needs to be reformed.

The reason I started writing this was because of Medicare. I’ve heard a lot of scare tactics and praises involving Rep. Paul Ryan‘s plan to reform Medicare. As I’ve said, Medicare maybe has ten years left of solvency according to some experts. Paul Ryan has come up with a plan to save Medicare for the long-term. Ten years seem far off, but 9/11 was only ten years ago, does that seem like a long time ago to you? This problem, among the many facing our country, needs to be solved now, not later. The can is squashed, we can’t kick it down the road anymore.

Ryan proposes to give people premium credits to buy private health insurance. The insurance plans available will be regulated somewhat by the government, to insure everyone will be covered. The credits will be pegged to the CPI , Consumer Price Index. In basic terms, it’s a measurement of inflation, so as prices go up, people under this version will get increased monies to compensate for the higher costs of health insurance. Does a lot of this sound familiar? It should, it’s essentially part of Obamacare, the part dealing with the Insurance Exchanges.

No one will fall through the cracks, in fact, competition should greatly increase health coverage for seniors. Competition helps lower prices for consumers while increasing choices. Something people in favor of Obamacare claim to favor. This accomplishes one of those goals without raising taxes or putting the government in charge of healthcare decisions.

It’s hilarious to me to watch Democrats and other supporters of Obamacare, denigrate Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare. They were all for the same plan when it was called Obamacare, maybe that’s too subtle for them to understand. Furthermore, if you are 55 or older, nothing will change for you, you will still be covered under the current system. This too should improve since there would be far less of a burden on Medicare Classic.

The Democrats have bravely decided to not present a plan of their own to reform and save Medicare. Instead, they’ve chosen the path of demagoguery, instead of the more often tried path of presenting a plan of their own, then hashing out the differences between their plan and Ryan’s plan in committee. THIS is the best the left has to offer these days. They’ve calculated that 790 days without a budget works in their favor since the only plan out there is Ryan’s and it recently went down to defeat in the Senate. They’ve calculated that they can obfuscate the issue of Medicare and scare seniors into voting Democrat in 2012. They’ve all but come out and said they renounce the oath they took when sworn into office to follow the Constitution.

Ryan’s plan might not be perfect, but it’s a starting point at the very least. The Democrats need to do their sworn duty and present plans of their own so there is something to work with. Stop being cowards, or have they forgotten their oft used line during the Obamacare debates in regards to Republicans grumbling about the bill. “Why don’t you present your own plan to counter ours” It seems they have consciously chosen to ignore their own advice, because now they think it will get them more votes. Do your job, present your plan. Put your money where your mouths are and DO YOUR JOBS.

Are these the people you want in charge of your government? November 2012 will be here soon.



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