Obama is Sleepwalking Through his Presidency and Israel Suffers

As I sit here listening to Sleepwalk by Ritchie Valens, I began to wonder if in fact this explains Obama and his actions. The man is a sleepwalker, he’s not really awake and aware of his surroundings. I believe Gene Simmons said it best in a CNBC interview. Obama doesn’t have a F’ing clue what it’s like in the real world. In reference to what Gene talked about in this interview, what was Obama thinking when he said Israel should withdraw to the 1967 borders? He may as well have just come out and said Israel should commit national suicide. How on Earth can Israel be expected to defend a 9 mile wide country?

It was these exact borders that prompted the Arab nations back in 1967 to make their play to wipe Israel off the map. Jordan , Syria, and Egypt invaded Israel back in June of 1967. Not only did Israel kick the living snot out them, they secured more defensible borders for themselves. They took the West Bank from Jordan, the Golan Heights from Syria and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt.

I’m sure the Arabs didn’t and still don’t like it that Israel has land they consider their own. I say tough luck, they started the war, they suffer the aftermath. As part of the peace accord between Egypt and Israel, after yet another invasion by Syria and Egypt this time in 1973, Israel agreed to return the Sinai to Egypt. The rest of the territory Israel seized is still needed for their defense, lest yet another Arab nation get the idea that Israel is easy pickings.

If you think I’m just being overly dramatic, there are recent examples of at the very least Syria’s growing restlessness with the issue of the Golan Heights. Just last week on three fronts Israel confronted large amounts of people swarming their borders. Many of them from the Syrian border. Add to that the help that Hamas and Hezbollah are getting from Syria and by extension Iran to continue to hurl rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip. You start to see that these people are never going to recognize Israel’s right to exist. The leaders of Hamas said exactly that last week in response to yet another attempt at an Arab-Israeli peace process. The now infamous withdraw to the 1967 borders speech by our Commander in Grief, Obama.

As if we needed yet another example of how horrible this man is for our country and how desperately we need to send him packing back to Chicago Nov 6th 2012. We now have our president selling out one of our , if not our strongest ally. During Bush’s presidency the Congress overwhelming promised Israel that we would never sell them out and especially never insist on a return to the 1967 borders. Netanyahu was right to take Obama to the figurative woodshed when he arrived for a meeting with Mr. O.

Sadly, Obama is just repeating a sorrowful part of our history. An example of not knowing your history and being doomed to repeat it. I start to see the words in my head, –This land will be your land, as long as the sun rises and sets, as long as the grasses grow and the buffalo roam…… Yeah, how’s that promise of ours working out for the Native Americans? I’d bet they’d all say pretty shitty, now we’re doing the same thing to Israel. Way to go Big Chief Obama, should have studied more in American History class. This is not a shining moment for our country, courtesy of the Amateur in Chief of these United States.

We as a nation must be a nation of honor and a nation that keeps our word, otherwise we’re no better than some banana republic. When our country says were going to stand by a friend no matter what, we need to mean it. Otherwise, what country in their right mind would want to trust us to have their back, for whatever reason, not just militarily. Once again we get to witness Obama think overly high of himself and embarrass our country on the world stage. He fully believes his own press, the problem for him is that the rest of the world doesn’t listen to our press.

Keep up the good work, the sleeping giant is awake. 2010 was a great job and a lot accomplished. We need to continue the fight to 2012 and beyond. We don’t need four more years of a sleepwalker president, our country needs a leader.


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