Had Enough Hope and Change Yet?

It’s hard to tell at this point what is going on in DC. Either Obama and the Democrats, are doing this on purpose, or they are just so utterly incompetent that they don’t know their rear ends from a hole in the ground. In either case the sad result is the same, we’re heading for a cliff. Obama likes to say the Republicans got the car stuck in a ditch. While there is truth in that, he and his party are driving the damn car into the abyss. November 2010 put the brakes on a bit, but they’re still trying to jam down the accelerator. This goes way beyond fiscal concerns , this is a full frontal assault on everything America stands for, and our customs and culture.

It started on day one of his presidency. 9/11 was a horrible assault and wake up call to our country. The world changed for us that cold September morning. Bush, for all his faults, stood up for us and took the fight to our enemies. On day one of his presidency Obama signed an executive order to close Guantanamo Bay. Then promptly went on his now infamous Apology Tour to the Muslim World. These two events showed our enemies that there was a new sheriff in town and he was a pushover.

Say what you will about our enemies but one thing  is certain, these people respect power or the very real threat thereof. The more Obama apologized, the more it showed weakness to them thus emboldening them to fight on. I believe Obama honestly believed the power of his words alone would solve the problem. I mean why not, he’d just recently won the presidency with nothing more than pretty words, eloquently spoken..as long as the teleprompter was working. But, all of his apologies only made things worse.

Next came The Stimulus package, a.k.a. the Porkulus package because that’s all it was. Obama claimed that not only would unemployment not climb above 8% if this passed, he said it would spur job growth and economic growth, so badly needed after he “was handed” all these problems by Bush. Soon after his speech and the passage of the Stimulus package, unemployment climbed to just a hair over 10%. Our government, in effect took over several private companies and intimidated a host of others into coughing up money, or signing on to his plan to rescue the economy.

To be fair, there were some things he inherited from Bush and past Republican Congresses…and the Democrat controlled Congress starting in 2007 ( we can’t stress this enough ) but all of his fixes have only made things worse, not better. 9% unemployment seems as if it’s the new norm, that’s a full percentage point higher than before the stimulus. Are you better off now? Yet ,in a recent speech ,Obama said unemployment was still high because we’re not hiring enough government workers? Keynesian economics have proven  a failure everywhere it’s tried. Now we have proof that even someone as “smart” as Obama and the Democrats can’t make it work either. Can we now go back to our default setting of a FREE market economy?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he and the Democrats spent the next 18 months wasting time on Obama care and its passage. No one with half a brain believed yet another massive government program could ever possibly save money. There is proof all around us, the Post Office, Amtrak, Medicare, Medicaid, the DMV, and any other random government behemoth. Yet when this obvious contradiction is explained, we’re called heartless, racist, bigoted and so on. It’s as if some on the Left have a mental block when it comes to even the most basic concept of logic or cause and effect.

Despite upwards of 70% of the public at the height of the debates being against this intrusion into our private lives , it passed the  House and Senate , with an extraordinary amount of quasi legal maneuvering. Today, after we “passed it to find out what’s in it”, it turns out it was exactly as we warned. Now we the people are on the hook for trillions upon trillions of more debt. It’s so bad that as of today the government has issued upwards of 1200 waivers from the requirements of Obama care, and it’s not even fully implemented yet.

When the Iranians took their chance at freedom back in 09 he blinked. Instead of stepping up and offering at the very least, encouraging words for these people, he tried to play both sides of the fence. This only resulted in him losing on both accounts. The Iranian leadership may very well be a group of 7th Century rejects, but like I said, they know and respect power. Without even tacit support for the protestors from the U.S., the mullahs went all jihad on their own people.

If Obama had shown he had a pair when the protestors just got going and looked to us for support, even if it was just words, the Iranian leadership may have blinked. But we and the West stuck our fingers in our ears, just like in the 30’s, ignore the boogeyman, maybe he’ll go away. It didn’t work out so well for the world back then, can’t say the same strategy is likely to show improved results for us this time around.

General Patreaus in Afghanistan requested a surge of troops to help get us over the hump in the fight. Obama had previously pledged to get us out of Afghanistan, which was after he had claimed Afghanistan was the only good fight when he was campaigning for the job. He had meeting after meeting and delayed his decision for months on end, he finally agreed to give them 30,000 troops, far less than they requested and passed the time where we would have been able to seize the initiative in the fight.

At the same time he was doing this he announced that we would begin leaving Afghanistan in July 2011. Once again, he tries to play both sides of the issue. He truly doesn’t understand the mixed messages and weakness he is portraying to the world and our enemies. Someone in the administration knows what’s going on though, because I’ve read in recent months that this planned withdrawal of our troops is quietly being delayed. It is now said that it always depended on conditions on the ground.

He showed the same weakness and indecision during the so-called Arab Spring. The entire episode from Egypt, to the current mess in Libya could have been either prevented or at least reduced had he acted sooner. He failed to seize the initiative in these cases, exactly like in Iran a year earlier. This doesn’t show weakness so much as it exudes incompetence by he and his administration. First he declares Momo must go, but then announces that the U.S. is only going  there for a short time then we’re taking off. How exactly does he think Gaddafi will leave if we and our allies don’t force the issue? You can’t tell our adversaries we’re not really into this fight and are just going through the motions…it’s rather counterproductive to achieving victory.

He talks about the need to spur growth and create jobs in this country , yet everything he does is counterproductive to that goal. Obama was dragged, kicking and screaming, to continue the Bush tax rates. The mixed messages he gave on this issue prior to agreeing to extend them, instilled a bunker mentality with businesses. Businesses like to have some sort of long-term predictability, with talk of higher taxes, and increased requirements under Obama care, and so on. It’s really no surprise companies are holding back on any expansion plans they might have in hand.

He talks about the need for our country to cut our dependence on foreign oil yet his administration does everything they can to not allow it to happen. Either through not issuing permits or closing off large areas of our country to exploration, let alone full-scale drilling. They are preventing us from insuring a truly safe and stable supply of oil. However, he’s not completely opposed to oil drilling, he did give Brazil 2 Billion dollars of borrowed money to help them drill oil off their coast.

Until today, when reality finally smacked him upside the head, he and his administration have implemented policies that have created conditions that perpetuate the misery he claims to want to avoid. Now, only today , has he started to talk about increased drilling in our own territory. The phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it” comes to mind.

He also must think Hispanics are the most gullible people on this planet. He’s talking about amnesty again, gee, it wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain upcoming election would it? Because, he had two years of a fully Democrat controlled Congress. He could have done something on that front easily, but destroying our already overburdened health care system was more important.I would gather that most Hispanics and all other LEGAL immigrants to this country are rather upset with illegals too. All these people did it the right way, they jumped through the hoops and became citizens. Here come these people, many of them fellow countrymen, sneaking in and undercutting all the hard work the legal immigrants went through to become citizens. It needs to be stressed that Americans and yes even conservatives are very much in favor of immigration, provided it’s done legally. The only true natives to this country are the Native Americans, all the rest of us are immigrants or descended from immigrants to this country.

It’s amazing to see his rhetoric begin to sound more and more conservative. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe it for a second, but it does raise a very interesting point. He wouldn’t be doing this if the writing wasn’t clearly written on the wall. Conservatism is the default setting for our country, and always has been. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to take care of the truly needy, we just don’t want to give away the farm in the process. Our message and our actions are having an effect on the political debate. You think Obama and Democrats would be talking about deficit reduction if it hadn’t been for groups like the Tea Party reminding those in DC for whom they work? I’m not too confident the Republicans will hold the line, the Democrats are going to pull out all the stops this cycle. It’s going to be nasty coming from them and recent history shows that many Republicans tend to cave under that sort of pressure. With the Tea Party, and other assorted rational people already in DC exerting pressure on the Republican leadership to follow through, we might just see some successes, though I hesitate to expect complete victory.

Obama, the Democrats, and Liberalism in general are on the ropes, keep up the pressure and 2012 might just be a good year.


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