Even a Stopped Clock is Correct Twice a Day

As we Americans are enjoying a well deserved victory lap after our Navy SEALs sent Osama to Hell, we need to keep in mind that our enemy is crafty and will try to use this to their advantage. We can not let this happen. I speak of course of the far left in this country and the willingness within them to over blow this event to lionize The One. Just because Obama made one good call doesn’t mean all the much. Because even though a stopped clock gets the time right twice a day it doesn’t mean the damn thing is working. For crying out loud, they can’t even get the spin correct, the story of what went down that night keeps changing. The only thing I’m confident of is that the Navy SEALs were involved and Bin Laden ended up with a fatal case of lead poisoning, other than that it’s a toss up as to what actually happened.

This is the same Left that spent the entire Bush presidency doing everything in their power to destroy our military’s effectiveness. Trying to pretend we weren’t really at war. They went out of their way to prosecute people in our intelligence departments for engaging in the very behavior we’ve recently learned actually worked. Sitting Senators (Dick Durbin (D) Illinois) , on the Floor of the Senate called our troops baby killers and compared them to members of the Nazi SS or the brute squads of Pol Pot in Cambodia. The very Left that wanted us to leave Iraq and Afghanistan has a leader that not only didn’t do that, but expanded the war in Afghanistan, he’s kept Gitmo open, continues the practice of renditions, expanded upon the Patriot Act, increased the number of drone attacks worldwide and jumped into a war already in progress in Libya.

These are just some of the lies and 180s he’s done on the international front, it doesn’t include the long list of domestic issues he’s lied about. To think some people still follow this man is , frankly, fascinating. It goes to show the power of mass propaganda, Goebbels would be proud.

At every turn the Left has gone out of their way to make sure that if it shows our troops in a bad light, or hurts America’s image abroad, it’s going to be in the news cycle. But, somehow , showing a picture of our SEALs handiwork is TOO inflaming to risk showing it to the public ( it might make the terrorists mad at us, implying they’ve been so calm lately ). Making sure that the Abu Ghraib pictures were shown to the public  however, apparently had no effect on Muslim public opinion, according to this “logic”

Now suddenly, they’re sounding a lot like, well, Conservatives and Republicans. Nancy Pelosi went from, Osama Bin Laden is a sideshow and not worth our time and even if we did get him, it wouldn’t change anything. To, What Obama has done in killing Osama is a great day for our country and will have a major impact on the future effectiveness of Al Qaeda. ( I’m paraphrasing both statements, but that is the gist of the 180s of Ms. Pelosi. )

Everyone is praising Obama’s gutsy call, and granted, for Obama that was a gutsy call. Most other people wouldn’t have thought all that long about it before giving the green light. But Obama thought it over for 16 hours, he’s lucky conditions on the ground didn’t change in that time. All the pundits on the Left are claiming Obama is a shoe-in for the 2012 Election, Republicans really shouldn’t even bother showing up. I seem to remember a different political party making the same claims back in 1992 after an even more stunning military victory for our troops. How did that one work out for us back then? I think it ended with a stain on a blue dress. This doesn’t mean we should let our guard down, we can’t underestimate the depths to which the Left will sink to secure more time in office for their messiah or themselves.

The ever-increasing irony of this entire Kabuki Theater is that , the very programs the Left tried for years to dismantle are the very programs that gave us the information we needed to finally get Bin Laden. The very things Obama himself promised to dismantle, close or weaken are the very tools which allowed him this victory lap. The very structure they tried to undermine has given The One a desperately needed boost in the polls. The fact it’s short-lived and based off programs started by President Bush means nothing to the pundits, Obama is Da Man now.

Obama himself just added to the narrative of him being a narcissistic political opportunist by his actions in all of this. Not once have I heard or read about him thanking GW for laying the groundwork for the infrastructure that gave him the opportunity to finally find Osama. Nowhere have I heard him say, “It appears I was mistaken when I claimed these programs were ineffective”. It’s all about Obama these days. I gave the man credit for making the call, but as the left is wont to do, they have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and are making our country look like the Keystone Cops. I have all the praise in the world for our military and the team that took down Osama, but Obama’s one good call doesn’t make up for the dozens of horrible to destructive calls he’s made for our nation since taking office in Jan 2009.

November 2012 will be here sooner than we think, now is the time to redouble our efforts to get the word out. Are you truly better off now, than you were four years ago? If not, blame the Democrats and Obama. Don’t let the Left try to turn Obama into some sort of George Bush Lite, Obama is still a Socialist at heart and still wants to fundamentally change America into is version of Europe. He’s dangerous for our country and needs to be sent packing in 2012.


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