The Perfect Storm of Conspiracies and The Donald

It’s been a very bizarre couple of weeks here in our little slice of paradise. We have Trump starting this three-ring circus , which seems like the only logical and sane thing about this craziness. He decides to turn up the attention whore dial to 11 and starts talking about Mr. O’s birth certificate. After everyone had a good laugh at The Donald’s expense, Obama threw us all a curve ball and gave us his real Birth Certificate, finally putting to rest this silly distraction ( or so we hoped ). Just about the time that was all sinking in, we hear that good ol’ Bin Laden has assumed room temperature at the hands of our Navy SEALS, OOOOOOORAH!!!!!! Could things get any stranger, oh you betcha.

I’m seeing the formation of a perfect storm of conspiracy theories. First of all, for the record, I believe Bin Laden is dead, he’s responsible for 9/11 and that Obama was born in the States. I trust our military and if they say they took him out, I’m good. Furthermore, although I would love to see Obama leave the White House in 2013, I’m pretty sure he wants to stay and wouldn’t do anything so insanely stupid as to announce we killed Bin Laden if it was a lie. Because all Bin Laden would have to do is get on Pakistani TV and smile and wave and the camera and say ‘ NYAY NYAH , missed me, or whatever happens to be the Muslim equivalent. Obama would be completely finished at that point. I don’t like the guy, but he’s not stupid.

The conspiracies are already ramping up, it was a body double, one of his brothers/sons, we were never there,  Obama made it up to boost his poll numbers, or that Osama had been dead for some time and has been kept on ice til now. These are the new crop of conspiracy theories, just pushing through the dirt , opening up their first leaves to the sun. Do you really think a mere picture is going to shut these people up?

Then there are the infamous Birthers. We all knew this would happen, sure enough, the birth certificate isn’t enough proof. It really doesn’t matter to a conspiracy theorist, little grey aliens could walk out of Area 51 and say hi ,yeah, it’s all true. They’ll just claim you’re making fun of their “serious” investigation with silly Hollywood actors to hide the REAL truth.

The new Obama ones are that his father wasn’t a citizen so his birth isn’t natural-born. I covered this item in an earlier post, their claim is baseless considering case-law going back to the 1800’s. I’ve also heard claims that this birth certificate is a forgery or that he produced his real BC when he did because he already had Bin Laden on ice and wanted to prove his creds as it were before showing off his kill. Are you starting to see where this is going? Remember, he’s not only continuing all of Bush’s policies, he has expanded on a few of them.

Last but by far not least, we have the Truthers. For the two or three of you in the world that don’t know who these people are, they’re the ones that think the U.S. Government perpetrated 9/11 so we had an excuse to go to war with Muslims and take their oil or something like that. These people already believe either Bin Laden isn’t real, or he’s just a fall guy, or that he was working for the CIA and they burned him by putting the blame on him. So when they hear he’s been killed they’re thinking we killed him or said we did, because he was about to spill the beans on 9/11, Bush ,or we said we killed him as a distraction so they could do X and the watchers wouldn’t notice.

The fact the charge is out there that Bin Laden was on ice for a while and Obama released his birth certificate ahead of time, knowing he had Osama on ice, ties it into the Truther movement because it’s suspicious behavior regarding an item within their sphere of interest, thus requiring investigations and question asking. Who knows, maybe they got to Obama too and he’s covering up for Bush. Don’t forget, the government claims they got a treasure trove of data from Bin Laden’s house. It could contain evidence to prove their case, but the government has it and they’re hiding it, so we’ll just have to speculate for the next twenty years what it might be. We might have been able to finally get the truth, but they just killed the only guy that might have had some of the answers, rather convenient don’t you think?

It’s all leading to a perfect storm of conspiracy theories, sort of like a unifying theory for conspiracies, like the elusive Unify Theory in physics. We have people believing Osama is dead, has been dead or is not dead.Working for the CIA or a CIA patsy, or a total fabrication. It all revolves around Bush, Obama, 9/11 and the “real” reason we are in Afghanistan and Iraq. Just wait, there’s going to be an all-encompassing conspiracy theory with 9/11 as its nexus. Naive people thought the birther issue and Bin Laden/Truthers would go away with proof of a BC and death . Au contraire mes amis, it all just gets woven into the rich fabric of the conspiracy. I mean, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not trying to get you….or are they?

As if in an attempt to close up this three-ring circus, The Donald laid claim to the ultimate credit for himself. Because, sheesh, HE’S the one that finally got Obama to show us his real birth certificate. All he’s accomplished is to prove to all of us once and for all that he should stick to TV, or shut the hell up.

On a side note, have any of you noticed how often you get the word Obama and Osama mixed up lately?


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  1. Wouldn’t it be a good excuse If indeed a flu outbreak like this one right now were to get really bad ? And if it did get bad, that would be rather suspicious wouldn’t it ? And for those who say flu outbreaks happen all the time, yes, they do happen all the time, which is the perfect cover for someone to perpetrate such a scheme. Like I said before , I’m not a conspiracy theorist, just brain storming here. God bless.
    Thanks in advance for your answers. God bless.

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