A Government Contractor Built the Pyramids

 I don’t discount the possibility of alien life out there in the universe, intelligent or otherwise. In fact, in my opinion, the possibility of alien life on another planet is a certainty. There is no way that we’re the only intelligent life in the universe. It’s just not possible, it defies logic. That being said, that doesn’t mean I think aliens have actually come here in the ancient past or in modern times.
The only exception to this would be if they happened to get lost on their way back home from their vacation to Alpha Centauri or I can see one of them having engine trouble and having to pull over and call the galactic equivalent of AAA. Other than that, not buying the aliens helped early humans learn how to build large things out of rocks theory. Because in either case, they wouldn’t stick around long enough to teach a bunch of barely sentient hominids how to build pyramids and large stone monuments.
Think about it, if there are advanced intelligent alien lifeforms out there, capable of interstellar travel. Do you really think they’d want to come see the universal equivalent of hillbillies? That would be us humans for those of you not catching on yet. No, of course not, they’d avoid us like the plague just like everyone here avoids the hillbilly areas. And don’t think I’m just picking on our hillbillies. Not at all, everybody around the world has their hillbillies. It’s apparently a common human condition. Anyway, to an advanced race of aliens, we all look like hillbillies.
Lastly, if we are it for intelligent life in the universe. The universe is freakin’ screwed. 🙂

I was just thinking about this as I watched one of those UFO shows on cable. This one is attributing many of our ancient monuments to aliens. It got me to thinking. You mean to tell me, that some advanced alien race, capable of interstellar travel and all the technology involved in reaching that level of civilization. Came to Earth and all they could figure out for building material was a bunch of large blocks of granite? They couldn’t make something better? The best they could come up with was a bunch of rocks? THIS is evidence of an advanced alien race? Really?

These shows are hilarious. Another one of their “experts” declared that for 100 thousand years or more, modern humans ( Homo Sapiens ) lived in caves and then suddenly , 25,000 years ago we sprang out of the caves and started building monuments? He said it as a sarcastic question, as if the question itself was silly, of course aliens did it.

I noticed right away that the man was a moron. To the best of my knowledge, Homo Sapiens stopped living exclusively in caves around 80-90,000 years ago.  By then we started living in small nomadic communities. We were hunter gatherers for thousands of years. That means we never stayed in one place very long. We followed the herds and the weather. It wasn’t until the invention of agriculture that the concept of a city or a town even existed. Because, without agriculture, you can’t support a large population. Finally, after thousands of additional years, humans began to build large stone monuments to honor their god/gods.

It wasn’t aliens or anything unusual. It’s just the simple evolution of our species. You can see the progression of human civilization and religion over this time period through the archeological record. No aliens, no lost secret knowledge just a bunch of motivated humans with fully functioning brains. There was one powerful motivator for our ancestors to build these stone monuments though, religion itself.

If you wanted to impress your god and show them how cool you thought they were, what better way to do this but to make a big pile of shaped rocks in his/her honor. Rocks last a long time, look around you, there are rocks everywhere , they never seem to go away. It was a logical conclusion from their point of view. Still, no aliens , or lost secret knowledge. Just curious humans, a belief in a god or gods, and the feeling you needed to impress said gods by piling and shaping rocks into all sorts of large monuments in their honor.

The fact we haven’t figured out how they did it doesn’t automatically translate into aliens, unless you’re one of these “experts” on a UFO show. Whenever something in ancient history can’t be explained, had to be alien influence. Because, how could such primitive humans carry out this feat. Well for starters, ancient humans were much more sophisticated than we give them credit.

In the case of the Egyptians, it was the current person in charge that “motivated” their subjects to build large constructions for their god. It’s not like the pyramids suddenly sprung out of the ground and the Egyptians magically knew how to build them. You can see some of their failures and the progression of the technology. One example of a mistake is the Bent Pyramid. About halfway through the construction they realized the angle was wrong and the thing could collapse, so they increased the angle to finish it, thus making it look bent. It wasn’t aliens, it was humans learning through trial and error.

Considering the Pharaoh was seen as a living god the people felt a special connection to this task. To be able to work on whatever Pharaoh said needed to be built was a labor of love. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the pyramids were not built by slaves, but in fact were built by a skilled workforce that was paid for their labor, they even had free medical care. Archeologists figured this out after finding the ruins of a working class town at the foot of one of these pyramids.

After the excavation they determined that the people who built this pyramid lived in this town. They further determined that these were basically middle class people. There were shops and bakeries, apartments, workshops and other civic buildings in this town. This would not have been done for slaves, no way, no how. Those pyramids were built by some government contractor with a very large labor force, NOT little green/grey men.


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