Global Warming, Birth Certificates, and The Royal Wedding…Oh My!

Global warm…ahh Climate Change. Over the last 30+ years the same mentality has run screaming into the streets predicting the end of the world due to man. Back in the 70s we were all going to freeze to death from global cooling caused by too many particulates of pollution blocking solar radiation and thus cooling the planet. We were told in Newsweek and by the other news outlets at the time that the planet was on the verge of a possible ice age. All because we , in our arrogance , were polluting the air and choking Mother Gaia. Problem is, the Earth didn’t go into an ice age. In fact, within a few years of these dire predictions the temperatures stabilized for a while, then began to rise. It was going up too fast for some of these same scientists that just a few years earlier had said the data showed a coming ice age. So now the narrative was global warming, and since Man is always the culprit in the left’s eyes, we were to blame.

This time, instead of just generic pollution from industry , it was CO2. We’ll just forget that CO2 levels were also high during the 70s and no global warming. Also, try not to remember that CO2 levels have continued to rise all through the 90s up til today, yet global temperatures have stabilized or gone down. Oh yes, don’t forget to forget that a lot of the temperature cycles of warm and cold on this planet can be tied in with solar activity. Don’t think about Climategate and the falsified data, AGW is real, just ask Prof. Mann.

Ignore that the Earth has been much warmer than it is now and humans not only manged to survive, but it was one of the largest population booms in all of human history. The warm weather helped to increase crop yields thus allowing larger populations to be sustained. Life became less of a struggle, people began to have free time on their hands. This free time allowed people with the inclination, to wonder how things worked, or how to make something easier. It allowed for more specialization of skills and disciplines.

This led to a reawakening of the human spirit, lost to us after the fall of Rome and Ancient Greece. It led to the Renaissance and the re-awakening of Science and Technology. And not an SUV or factory in sight. The Earth warms and cools on its own timetable. CO2 is .38% of the atmosphere including the small percentage of that number we contribute, it’s a trace gas. Water vapor in the form of clouds, vast oceans, the Sun , the Earth’s rotational forces generating currents in wind and water, these things contribute far more to our climate than we humans.

These are Inconvenient Facts to those that believe humans are the cause of wacky weather. After years of gloom and doom predictions, none of which ever came close to happening, the left have lost all credibility on this issue. So, what did they do? They changed the name to Global Climate Change. You see, this way when we suffer through one of the coldest winters since the 1940s, as we did this past winter. They can still say we caused it because of our CO2 emissions. In their eyes they’ve hit upon the perfect , all-purpose phrase. They get to essentially blame the weather on humans.

And Now for Something, Completely Different

I really didn’t want to talk about this, but it’s in the news and so I’ll say a few words. I’m not a birther, but never did understand why he took so long to shut them up. Well, I’m sure everyone has heard the news. Un-amazingly he was born in Hawaii, can all the birthers go back home now. Honestly, I can’t stand Obama. I disagree with him on everything he’s doing. I’m sick and over tired of all of his flat-out obvious lying and his observed incompetence. Add to that, the morons in charge of the Democrat Party and we have enough on our hands to deal with.  We really didn’t need this time wasted, and now finally, it’s over. It should be over but I’ve already heard the opening salvo of the ‘new birthers’.

They are now harping on the Natural Born Citizen clause in the Constitution. I heard one claim that because his dad wasn’t a citizen of the U.S. he’s not natural-born. Well, according to  Supreme Court cases over the years, the term natural-born has never included the necessity for both parents to be citizens for a child to be a naturally born citizen of this country. Living near the Mexican Border helps you to focus on Immigration issues as it relates to birthright citizenship. Anyone living near the Mexican Border knows what I mean, the rest of you need to catch up.  Enough of this crap already. There is plenty to disagree with and fight for when it comes to Obama’s version of “Hope and Change”. With any luck this should finally put the birther movement to rest once and for all. And we can get back to not liking Obama over silly things like the budget or debt or any of those “crazy” conservative ideas. I know, I’m talking like a mad man, talk about the budget deficit, what was I thinking.

This just in:

Speaking of crazy conservatives, have you heard the latest from Boehner? Bet you thought I was going to talk about Trump. Apparently he’s impressed Obama so much that Mr. O was saying that he and John agree on removing tax breaks for oil companies. Because the government “needs” money to keep going. But he added that we need to cut spending too, oh gee thanks John. The next day his spokescritter clarified The Speakers’ comments stating that no one should be concerned, Speaker Boehner is firmly against raising taxes, any taxes. So, umm, which one is it Mr. Speaker?

Mr. Speaker, if you’re amenable to discuss removing tax breaks for big oil I must ask you. Whom do you think will actually pay those taxes? Everyone here already knows the answer, but apparently the top Republican in the House is unfamiliar with this particular trickle down theory. The oil companies will simply pass along any tax increases( and yes Mr. Speaker, removing tax breaks IS a tax increase) to the consumer in the form of higher prices at the pump.

This is not evil or even remotely unusual. No business can absorb higher costs forever, eventually they’re going to have to increase the price of their product to offset the increased cost of materials or operating expenses. It’s Economics 101, like I often say in my columns, this isn’t rocket science. Making a profit is not evil, period. Furthermore, these tax breaks are legal under current law, I’m sure other industries get tax breaks too. By singling out a single industry(provided the tax breaks are removed), isn’t the Obama administration violating the Equal Protection Clause by applying the law unequally? I know I know, what was I thinking. But if a carpenter , a mere blue-collar worker can figure this stuff out, what on Earth is going on in DC?  It’s crap like this that leads me , more and more, to support a little concept called….

Ditch the IRS, replace it with a Flat Tax. No more loopholes for anyone, taxes become predictable and easy to plan ahead. With a Flat Tax you get your entire paycheck every week. Pay taxes at the end of the year as always. So, if you make say 20 Dollars / hour you’d get a paycheck for 800 dollars at the end of the week. More money in your pocket, everyone pays the same percentage and the IRS is just a bad memory for us, but perhaps not our children’s’ kids. When Congress can’t play favorites with their friends by dangling tax breaks in their faces, it will be that much harder to drive us into debt. The less control the government has over our lives the better off we’ll all be. And remember, for those of you reading this that still think the “rich” will be getting away with murder.

Imagine the tax is 15% , just pretend. If you make 20,000 dollars that year, your total tax bill would be 3000 dollars. Now say you make 2,000,000 dollars that year. Your tax would be 300,000 dollars. The rich will still be paying more, 15% of a large number is also a large number, but it will be fair for all, and believe it or not, revenues will increase to the feds. It’s working well in Latvia and has been for years. If they can do it, why can’t we? Oh yeah, greed and stupidity in DC, I keep forgetting.

In other news

Oh yeah , almost forgot. Apparently some prince in England is marrying some woman he knows. Thought you might want to know.



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2 responses to “Global Warming, Birth Certificates, and The Royal Wedding…Oh My!

  1. Mummsy

    Well, the birth certificate has surfaced! Are we all happy now?! 😉

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