Something to Ponder

For those of you worried that the Republicans are trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors by reforming Medicare, consider this.

The plan is to give seniors an 8,000 dollar premium credit to purchase their health care. More than that for poor seniors, much less for richer seniors. Bubbubbbbut , you say, that takes away their safety net. Republicans want seniors to eat cat food, blah blah blah. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, the credit will be used to CHOOSE between several health insurance plans, thus allowing FREE choice and Competition which as we all know ( or should ) competition inevitably LOWERS prices for consumers.

But but but, we’re throwing our seniors out into the cold and putting them at the mercy of those evil insurance companies. Au Contraire mon Ami, the “evil” insurance companies that seniors would be able to choose from are…now this should blow your mind, the companies that seniors would be able to choose from are the EXACT same companies, and the EXACT types of plans that members of Congress now enjoy.

People have said in the past, put the members of Congress on the same health plans we have and you’d see Medicare fixed real quick. Well, they’ve taken that old saw and turned it on it’s head. They are offering seniors the same plans THEY have, and trust me, they have an above average health care plan. How do I know this? well for , well forever people have resented Congress’ gold plated health care plans and lamented the fact that they don’t know our pain because they are protected in their plan.

Well, if their plan is so awesome sauce, why is anyone complaining about their plan to fix Medicare by offering seniors a chance to choose their own plan among the many they themselves are allowed to choose from? Anyone here want to say that members of Congress have a shitty deal with their health insurance coverage?


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