The Perils and Pitfalls of Living Paycheck to Paycheck on ONLY $174,000/year

Here we are STILL standing on the precipice I spoke about in an earlier post. The two sides seem further apart now than they were last week. I still say shut down the government if they can’t agree to cut .02% of the budget. With all of this going on, including a nice play by Barbara Boxer getting a motion passed in the Senate agreeing to forgo their salaries in the event of a government shut-down. I can’t stand the woman, and have no illusions that this was anything other than a cheap political stunt. But despite her supposed intentions, it’s a good idea. Why should anyone in Congress be paid if the government shuts down? Try getting paid if your company shuts down for any amount of time, excluding holidays, and trips to Mecca for the Haj.

Enter Linda Sanchez (D) California 39th District. Hers is a new district created after the 2000 Census. It consists of many middle or low-income neighborhoods around the Los Angeles area. She is claiming that she can’t go without her paychecks if the government shuts down. Her reason is

“I have to tell you, I live paycheck to paycheck, like most Americans,” she said Thursday afternoon on MSNBC. “It’s very difficult for me to say, ‘Hey, I can give up my paycheck,’ because the reality is, I have financial obligations that I have to meet on a month-to-month basis that doesn’t make it possible for me.”

She has financial obligations does she? The poor dear, I mean I can truly understand the concept of struggling to make ends meet these days. In fact, I’d bet dollars to donuts that many people in her own district understand this struggle very well themselves. In fact, they might be amazed to find out just how “poor” she is…

Sanchez, ranking member on the House Ethics Committee, said she has student loans, a 2-year-old son, and homes in her district and in Washington – expenses that mean she needs every paycheck she gets. House members’ 2011 salary is $174,000.

I mean, how are we supposed to live with ourselves when this “poor” woman is forced to live on a mere 174,000 dollars a year? The travesty of it all is almost overwhelming when you stop to think of all the good she’s done in D.C. She helped to not pass a budget last year when the Democrats were in charge, and now she’s railing against the Republicans for trying to do the job her and her colleagues chose not to do last year. It’s just wrong.

I have an idea that might help her out. Perhaps, like many Americans are being forced to do now  including yours truly, she should sell some of her investments to get by until she finishes her job and gets last years budget done, I mean , we’re only 6 months into the budget year. According to this site, her net worth in 2009 was somewhere close to $1.2 million dollars. She’s hardly in need of living from paycheck to paycheck. Furthermore, if she IS actually living paycheck to paycheck, then maybe that explains a lot about the trouble this country is in financially. If this woman can’t even live within her own means ( don’t forget, members of Congress have MANY everyday needs paid for, on top of their salaries ) how in the hell can she be trusted to be effective at any level in solving the financial problems her and her party helped to create through their inaction last Congress?


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