When Harry Met Sleazy

Well, Harry Reid is up to his old tricks again. Over the last several days we’ve been witness to a display of sheer audacity, if not outright lies by this Senate Leader. The latest pontificating of this empty suit amounts to what we should consider a comedic performance, if it wasn’t so dangerous to our financial well-being.

First though, we have to jump into the way-back machine and head on over to late 2009. Precisely, the end of fiscal year 2009 and the beginning of fiscal year 2010. Way back in those golden days of yore, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. Congress, for those of you that didn’t pay attention in civics class, is the branch of government that controls the purse strings in our country. They are in charge of setting up the spending plans of our government for the next fiscal year. This process results in something called a Budget, you know, just like the ones we all make in our own households. We figure out how much we have coming in, and then decide how much we can afford to send out. Hopefully at the end of the day we’ve taken in more than we’ve sent out.

Well, back in those heady days of yesteryear the Democrats were in charge of the budget process for our country. For as yet unknown reasons, these Democrats decided to not make a budget for fiscal year 2010. We can speculate that they determined that to do so would most likely cause them too much grief in the upcoming mid-term elections. With this in mind they decided to just pass continuing resolutions to fund the government piecemeal. This strategy worked great for them, as long as they continued to remain in power. There’s really no way to know exactly how much we are spending if there isn’t a budget. Either by design or just an example of what happens when you put a bunch of washed up 60’s era hippies in charge of our finances the real costs we were incurring were hidden from view.

As an aside, this from a Congress that declared in no uncertain terms in 2006 when they took control that THIS Congress would be the most  fiscally responsible Congress in history…..forget the fact that THAT Congress hasn’t existed since the time of Andrew Jackson when our country was basically Debt Free. The only time in our history this has happened since the first Congress in 1791. Don’t believe me? Here, read this.

In 1835, Jackson managed to reduce the federal debt to only $33,733.05, the lowest it had been since the first fiscal year of 1791.[25] However, this accomplishment was short-lived. A severe depression from 1837 to 1844 caused a tenfold increase in national debt within its first year.[26]


Now some might say, well we still owed 33 Grand. Considering the size of our country back then, 33 Grand down, IS Debt Free. Can you imagine if that’s all we owed today? Oh the Nirvana that would be.

When you add the boondoggle of national health care, two stimulus packages and several handouts to corporations and leftist front groups like ACORN , it’s no wonder we’re in the hole we’re in now. No, it’s not all the fault of Bush or the Republicans. When the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 our national debt was around 7-8 Trillion Dollars. This was the result of decades of D.C. overspending. Since the time of Mr. O’s coronation we’ve come close to doubling that debt. The Democrats can not blame that on Republicans and still be considered a legitimate political party.  They held the purse strings from 2006 til 2010, they had plenty of time to get our debt under control, but they decided for political reasons to not do that, and in fact do the exact opposite. All in the name of “fiscal responsibility” of course.

So here we are on the precipice fiscal insolvency brought about by the last four years of Democrats’ fiscal irresponsibility. A fiscal nightmare so dire that if we don’t get spending under control, we face the real possibility of our country defaulting on our obligations. I’m just a carpenter, but even I can see where we’re headed if we don’t get this stuff under control. The budget Mr. O submitted for fiscal year 2011 is somewhere north of 3 Trillion Dollars. The Republicans and the Tea Party are offering 61 Billion in cuts to finish out fiscal year 2010, this amounts to about .02 percent of the budget. The Democrats have proposed 30 Billion Dollars of cuts, that’s .01 PERCENT of the federal debt. Neither offer is all that stellar, but at least the Republicans have put their money where their mouths are and come up with at least some sort of plan to get us through the rest of this fiscal year.

What is Sleazy Reid doing in regards to his duty as a public servant? Standing up in our house and declaring that the 2010 elections meant nothing. The 60-80 new Tea Party members elected to Congress by citizens fed up with overspending in D.C. are just a meaningless aside to the “greater good” of government succor. He claims that despite the mandate given to them by the voters, the Tea Party members are somehow the most dangerous thing this country faces. He claims that if the Republicans don’t get those Tea Party members to toe the line , no deal will be reached. Yet, as far as I know, except for stating the figure of 30 Billion in cuts, he gives no details on exactly what he’d cut, where the Republicans have proposed their cuts and written them down for all to see.

No Harry, We The People of this great country see what’s going on. We sent the Tea Party to Washington to clean house. They are following our orders, you know, their employers and yours too. The blame for this current debacle is squarely on the Democrats. We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if the Democrats had passed a budget for fiscal 2010. So it is rather disingenuous for Harry to attempt to place the blame on the Tea Party. The Tea Party is there precisely because of inaction by Harry Reid, Pelosi ,et al over the last 4 years. It is you Harry Reid that is the problem, not the Tea Party or the Republicans. They’ve suddenly remembered whom they work for, it would behoove you to remember that too. 2012 is right around the corner, we aren’t going to forget about what you and the Democrats have done.


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