When France Picks up the Ball and Runs with it. We’re pretty pathetic

This is what I was talking about in my last post. This is what I mean when I say the U.S. is dithering. We’re fiddling while Benghazi burns to turn a phrase.

France, the country that will surrender at the mere mention of the word Panzer, has taken the bull by the horns and formally recognized the rebel government with all that entails. They are exchanging ambassadors etc. This will lead to aid for the rebels in various forms. To top it off, France , of all countries, is proposing air strikes against Momo’s forces in order to level the playing field.

Here is a link to the full story.


a snippet from the article. Notice the gratitude expressed by the Libyans towards France

Ahead of the Brussels meeting, AFP reported that Sarkozy would propose “targeted airstrikes” in Libya as a way to end the violence.

Reacting to the news of France’s diplomatic recognition, Imane Boughaighis, media organizer for Libya’s Interim Transitional National Council said the Libyan people were “very grateful” to the French government.

“We thank the French government and the people of Libya will never forget that they (the French government) were the first country to recognize us and they stood with us in our difficult time.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our man-child president and his minions in the state dept are saying we need to wait for the international community to act. We can’t act alone because somebody somewhere, perhaps in a cave, might be angry at us for acting alone. We are the United States of America, the greatest country ever to grace the face of this planet, and we have to wait for others to decide what to do about Libya? It doesn’t really matter what we do in the Middle East, someone is going to hate us. We might as well be hated for doing the right thing, instead of acting like a victim of bullying. All it does is show weakness to an enemy that considers strength a virtue, and weakness an invitation to attack. Fiddling while Benghazi burns, shows weakness and indecision to our enemies. This is embarrassing, mortifying to say the least, we are being shown how a leader acts….by Sarkozy of France!!!!

This is why we need to get this child and his minions out of office as soon as possible. We need a president that believes in American greatness. We need a leader that actually leads, instead of waits for others to act first. For crying out loud, if we wait for the international community to decide what to do, everyone in Libya will have died of old age by the time they decide. I’ve heard that the UN is discussing further SANCTIONS on Libya?? LOL, really? That’s the UN’s big idea to stop Momo from bombing civilians? Sanctions? If one wasn’t paying attention, one might think that the U.S. is acting just like the U.N.


a snippet from our “decisive” leadership’s comments.

Clinton told the House of Representatives appropriations committee that the Obama administration believed it was imperative that other countries agree on the way forward.

“We are working to create an international consensus because we think that is absolutely critical to anything that anybody, especially us, does,” Clinton said, saying there was considerable ambivalence over what should be done.

“Absent international authorization, the United States acting alone would be stepping into a situation whose consequences are unforeseeable,” Clinton said.

Clinton said the United States was focusing on humanitarian relief and building links to Libya’s opposition groups, adding that the State Department had stopped working with Libya’s embassy in Washington, whose ambassador was among the senior diplomats who renounced leader Muammar Gaddafi.

So ask yourself this. When France is able to pick up the ball and run with it and all we can do is fumble the pigskin. How exactly is Obama improving America’s image abroad?? We’re getting shown how to play the game by the equivalent of a high school team.


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