We’re still the last best hope for freedom in this world. We seem to have forgotten it.

At one time in the recent past( in my lifetime in fact ) America was looked to by oppressed people around the world as their saving grace. And frankly, back then they were right. No one really looked to Europe to save them.

Why? Why didn’t people look to Europe for their salvation from oppression? Well, the short answer is history. Europe doesn’t and didn’t have a history of freedom and liberty. The only time Europe has had true peace since the Roman Empire was during the Cold War. At all other times in throughout their history they’ve been at war with one another at various times. Since the end of WWII , Europe has basked in the freedom and security brought about by our military might. We guaranteed their freedom, we spent the money on their defense, stationed the troops to guard them against the Soviets. This freed European countries from the financial burden of having to field large armies to defend themselves. Instead, they spent their money on social programs and placating the populace. Eventually, Europe lost the means and or desire to project their power towards their own defense or the defense of others. Why bother, America took care of all that for them. Sure, they had their own token armies, but none of them could have stood against the Soviets without our full commitment to their defense. Likewise, with very few exceptions, they wouldn’t answer a 911 call from another country. One of the only exceptions to this has been England, once again, because of history and their role in it. As a side note, the Brits don’t really consider themselves truly European, they’re British and that supersedes any notion of being European…but I digress.

We have been the beacon of hope for oppressed people since our founding. Before WWII we were the place to go if you needed to escape oppression in your homeland. You could come here and make it on your own, you were free to be whatever you wanted to be. Since WWII we are still the place to go if you want to escape oppression. However, since then we’ve also taken on the role of a police department. I don’t fault this, in fact it’s our duty as the lone superpower to help when and where we can. If we don’t do it, who will? The answer is no one as history has shown.

Here we are today. Libya is exploding, hell, the entire Middle East is exploding. And what are we doing about it? Hemming and hawing, having discussions with …..Europe about how to proceed?? Meanwhile, the rebels in Libya have pleaded to the world and to ,yes, even the United States to help them fend off Quadaffi’s forces. Not only are we floundering around and dithering , just like Europeans , we’re in fact going to THEM to discuss how best to proceed ?? For crying out loud, we rented a FERRY to get our people out of Libya?? WE HIRED A BOAT ?? The United States of America couldn’t gather up enough force to go pick up our diplomats and citizens?? REALLY???

Furthermore, how telling is it that a Muslim country is begging us to help them?? As another side note, the last few wars we’ve been in have been to …umm, uhh…FREE MUSLIMS from some sort of oppression. Kuwait, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. We’ve done more to help Muslims than any other country on the planet. Yet people say we’re in a war AGAINST Islam?? ( those people are idiots by the way )People like to say how hated we are around the world, how evil we are , etc. To be fair, yes, I’m sure there are some people who hate us..the terrorists come quickly to mind. But by and large we are not looked upon as the epitome of evil around the world. Otherwise, why do millions of people every year literally risk their lives in trying to get here? Why do people come to the “Great Satan” for help when they are in trouble? If we’re so horrible, why are we sought out for help and not the Europeans? What was the religion of the majority of people we helped after the 2004 Tsunami ? If we are in a war against Islam, why on Earth would we help save, clothe, feed, and help rebuild their cities..a group of people we are at war with? If we were truly at war with them and their religion, it would be in our best interest to NOT help them. It makes it harder for them to wage war against us if they have to deal with millions upon millions of their own people dying, homeless, starving, etc.

It’s because regular people around the world know where their key to freedom is located. They know we are their last best hope for freedom and liberty. They know that if they’re in trouble, we’ll come help them no matter what. It’s time we started acting like it, instead of dithering like the Europeans. Sadly, that probably won’t happen until the current occupant of the White House no longer lives there, since he wants us to follow their example. Hey, there’s an idea. We need to go find someone bigger than we are to pay for our defense for 60-70 years or so. Then we too can spend all of our money on social programs and finding ourselves….but that’s another discussion.


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