Home Sweet Home

Well, got back into San Diego yesterday after adventures in San Jose. It was cloudy and damp when I got home, but home never looked sweeter. Home for a few days, then fly out to Denver on Tuesday, then from Denver to L.A. on the 19th, finally make it home on the 26th. Then I think I get an entire 7 days to enjoy home before it’s off to Sunny ( and hot ) San Antonio ( did I mention it’s hot there? ) for yet another race.

It’s always feast or famine these days. Like I think I said in an earlier post, July and August I had no work and not one dime of money coming in. Now? Now I’m traveling once a week either leaving or coming home, picked up all sorts of side jobs, including possibly three more I found out about today. I’ve maybe had 3 days off in the last 2 months, and frankly I’ve given up on trying to figure out what timezone I’m in 🙂 LOL, I’m not complaining, I truly do need the money and am thankful I have what I have. I know there are many more people out there worse off than me. It would just be nice if it was a little more spread out 😉

The race company says they might be able to hire me full time after the first of the year, that’s great news…but now I’m bringing in a lot of side work. Construction is what I know, and I know it damn well. I can make much more money doing that, then working for the race company…but the race company is more regular. LOL, a few months ago if they hired me I wouldn’t have thought twice and done it. Now, crap , now I have a dilemma before me. There are still a few months left in this year, and I don’t need to make a decision now. Who knows, the side jobs could dry up by the end of November, or the Republicans could sweep the elections and I’ll have more work than I do now 🙂 I’ve been going with the flow for the last two years and I’m still here, seems to be working so far, I’ll stay on this path for now. I have faith the right answer will present itself to me in time for me to choose.

Well ok, enough babbling for now. Need to get cleaned up from work today, eat, veg, work on a couple bids. Giving a floor bid tomorrow, getting paid from another job tomorrow :), and I think I have something else to do, I’ll remember …..eventually.


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  1. Way to blog! I have added you to my blog list.

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