San Jose, the place of my birth

Heading to San Jose today to work another gig. Almost packed, and look ,it’s only 1:30 am. PLEEENNNTY of time left. This is going to be my third trip to San Jose, not counting that one I took 43 years ago. It’s a decent city, as far as cities go. They take good care of it, but there are a few bad areas…just like anywhere else.

Something to ponder about how evil and mean we are as a nation…..The prisoners down at Gitmo had their Ice Cream rations cut. That’s right, you heard me, these poor guys are being deprived of their Allah given right to two helpings of ice cream. I think Mr. O should get right on this before Amnesty International hears about it.

Well, off to get a few hours of shut eye.


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  1. Day three things are going along well. We are on schedule and everyone is relaxed. Tonight we bbq’d a tri tip roast and some shrimp along with some brats. Kenny kicked ass on the grill today. Al hooked up his cm to the tv and we are all listening to the game having a great time. I like this new way we do things. Go to grocery store and we all get supplies for the week then basically live off those and out to eat once in awhile. Saving tons of money and frankly more fun just hanging out. Kinda like being home, just hangin with your friends. Ok bye for now, the chicken is done…GO PADRES!!!!

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